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My Utility Saver

Our team have all worked in the commercial energy sector where we learnt our trade and honed our skills. We enjoy working in the sector however, we noticed that companies were not always offering their customers the best deals available, loyalty had become a thing of the past!

That’s where My Utility Saver started, and we have been serving our clients’ ever since. Moving them to the supplier with the best deal for their needs. We are able to advise, offer suggestions, and tailor products to your company’s needs. Most essentially save you money and, perhaps more importantly, save you time!


Our team of expert’s can search through hundreds of available tariffs and help narrow these down to a select list, the size is completely down to you. We can help optimise pre search or can perform a broad search of the market and list the top 10 cheapest. If you already have a preferred list of suppliers, we can just include them. It is completely down to you!
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Using our experience and contacts, we will get the tariff best suited to your business

The best part is its completely free to get a quote and switch


Why choose M.U.S we hear you ask? Well, let us tell you... We have spent our careers nurturing and growing our relationships with energy suppliers and their energy teams. We believe we have access to some of the lowest tariffs available!
We don't just compare the big companies. We believe a lot of the new entrants to the market offer some of the lowest tariffs, so we obtain quotes from them too. Obviously, customer service is also important, we can tailor you needs whether you have a preferred supplier you have used for years and trust. Or you just want the cheapest deal on the current market. We negotiate and arrange everything for you.


We are here to help weekdays from 9 – 5:30pm either by phone or email. Why not Just click the “contact us” button below now? We only need a few details and we can help with your query straight away.

All the quotes we provide are time sensitive and are valid until the close of business on that day. We do get asked if we can hold the price for longer, so obviously where possible we can look to extend.

Please do bear in mind due to the unique way we tender for large sites, by essentially group tendering (and the reason our prices tend to be some of the lowest available.) It is somewhat imperative we can arrange completion with the chosen supplier as soon as possible. Our clients have found it wise to secure an offer at the earliest convenience to avoid disappointment, as even a small fluctuation can be costly.

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