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Working hand in hand to reduce your energy costs, saving you time and money

I genuinely cant believe how straightforward and stress free that was. Finally someone to relieve the burden of trying to compare confusing tariffs.

Ann Handley

Keeping an eye on price so you don't have to

My Utility Saver is more than just an energy saving website. We are a dedicated and knowledgeable team with more than a combined experience of 30 years in the energy sector. We will be able to advise, offer suggestions and tailor products to your needs. Most essentially save you money, and perhaps more importantly, save you time!
We know talking about energy isn't particularly fun and can sometimes even be daunting. Trying to understand the various meter types, different tariff names and the reason every supplier must put all the important information in a different place!?

Our Services


Our team of expert’s balance professionalism with enthusiasm and deliver top notch customer service with a smile. They can search through hundreds of available tariffs and help narrow these down to a select list.


Whether you are after the tariff that offers the best value or a tariff that offers to promote one of your business values, we can find it. A lot of our clients have similar business ethics to My Utility Saver, so we are always trying to source the greenest energy at the cheapest price. However, if you are trying to secure a 100% green tariff, we can run a customised search based just on those suppliers.


Coming Soon.


Coming Soon.

Once you have found a search that suits your business needs it can be saved and used again at renewal or when adding additional sites.

Personal Account Manager

Efficiency guides everything we do here at My Utility Saver, we are constantly striving to improve. We believe time is something more important to save on, so we are always looking at ways to make our processes as efficient as possible. Luckily, we are already specialists at negotiating contracts and already have our network of partners in place.

We have been working closely with one of our most established partners who have helped us to automate a lot of the systems and search more of the market in a quicker time. Access to a live market is critical to our procurement strategy.